Jonathan Herbert

"I consider myself to be an artistic descendant of the Paleolithic shamans who crawled miles into the caves of the Périgord to leave a record of their psychedelically induced journeys to the spirit world. I also journey to places where the rest cannot go, and return with visual magic that gives a visible, though abstract, face to the ineffable. My intent is to create for the collective a doorway to the heart, a window to the soul that connects the mundane with the divine. I am confident in my ability to use classical and modern tools and materials to forge pathways to the Infinite. After nearly 50 years of working with my materials, I no longer need to give conscious thought to the nature or process of creation. "

Jonathan Herbert is a professional fine artist who has worked continuously for over 45 years. His 1972 portrait of John Carlson was an early example of Neo-Expressionism in the USA. Since then, his work has spanned media, from the classical to the digital. Herbert has painted and created provocative photography, and was even an early participant in the digital art revolution.

Over a lifelong career, Herbert has painted in oils and acrylics, on linen and canvas. He has created innumerable works on paper. His works ranges from representational to abstract. His outpouring of work has intentionally defied branding.

A graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Herbert has exhibited since the 1970s. His artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers throughout the United States. Herbert's paintings and works on paper are in private and corporate collections, including those of Pfizer Inc. and Kirkland & Ellis LLP. His photographic work is in the collection of the Kinsey Museum in the Midwest.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
BDA GOLD AWARD, BDA Headquarters, New York NY, 1999
Independent Study Award: Antwerp, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boston MA, 1974 - 1975
TwitterArtExhibit No. 2, Moss, Norway , 2012
Juried Show, Madame X, New York NY, 2009
Alumni Exhibition, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA, 2002
JBA Realty Corporate Collection, JBA Realty, New York NY, 2006
Helene DeLillo Photography, Helene DeLillo Photography Studios, New York NY, 2008
ReBar Corporate Collection, Rebar , New York NY, 2011
Kirkland & Ellis Corporate Collection , Kirkland & Ellis, New York NY, 2002
Pfizer Inc. Corporate Collection, Pfizer Corporate Headquarters, New York NY, 2004