Jonathan Simons

Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons

"I love making wooden spoons. They are the simplest tools of the home, and yet remain profound - there are unlimited designs and uses to explore, and for me, this is only the beginning."

A scrap of wood fashioned into a spoon so he could eat his lunch became the inspiration for Jonathan Simons to create his Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons. Originally made of uncommon woods such as lilac, plum, and honeysuckle, Jonathan settled on cherry wood. This hardwood with its handsome color and grain, is durable, smooth, and strong making it a perfect spoon wood. All of Jonathan's utensils have a unique sense of balance and warmth because they are designed with the hand and purpose in mind.

Jonathan's collection of handcrafted utensils has evolved over 30 years of experimentation in the woodshop and kitchen. From the arc of a handle to the curve of a bowl each aspect of Jonathan's spoons has been carefully considered, shaped, and perfected so they all perform beautifully - they are the perfect combination of art and function. Spoons have become spatulas, tongs, spaghetti forks, spreaders, and more. They spread, scoop, strain, whisk, ladle, grab, peel, paddle or pour.

Before majoring in art and design at the University of Illinois Jonathan was influenced by the magnificent architecture of his home town of Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. The Bryn Athyn Cathedral and several local mansions built near the turn of the century hold fantastic examples of wood, tile and stained glass produced during the American Arts and Crafts Movement. This movement and philosophy of elegant simplicity are considered in the evolution of his work

Slim Spoon
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 26 - $ 30
Forked Salad Set
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 44 - $ 48
Spaghetti Fork
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 24
Spoon Set
Wood Serving Utensils

$ 222
Scribble Forked Salad Set
Wood Serving Utensils

$ 40 - $ 46
Cat Tail Spatula
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 28
Lazy Spootle
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 38
Lazy Spatula
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 28
Spouted Lazy Ladle
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 56
Original Lazy Spoon
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 36
Cat Tail Salad Server
Wood Serving Utensils

$ 52
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
ACC Show, Maryland, Baltimore, 1998-2019
ACC Show, Georgia, Atlanta, 2000-2019
ACC Show, MN, St. Paul, 2000-2019
ACC Show, CA, San Francisco, 2000-2019