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Josephine A. Geiger

"Inspiration comes from so many sources, so I simply start, interacting with the materials and the image as if in a live conversation. New ideas emerge as I work, and those provide the boldness and the spirit that I want. "

Josephine A. Geiger's artwork emphasizes the underlying architecture of the scene--the lines, details, and movement--through a palette comprised almost wholly of rectangles and squares. And while it might seem that there is a calculated, mathematical approach to creation, she uses no patterns for her artwork.

Geiger creates her work using leaded stained glass techniques. Although her pieces may be hung on a wall like traditional art, she recommends hanging them in front of a window for maximum enjoyment.

With a professional background in architecture, Geiger combines those years of training and design sensibility alongside loads of experience and experimentation with glass.

Trees 3
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 400
$ 320
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
In. Art Show: Best in Show Award of Excellence, Hallberg Center for the Arts, Wyoming, MN, 2019
Fine Arts Exhibit, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN, 2011
"Minnesota Original" episodes 220 & 229, Twin Cities Public Television, MN, 2009
Art-a-Whirl Poster, North East Minneapolis Arts Association, MN, 2009
Stained Glass Association of America - 2nd place "Copper Willow", Kansas City, MO, 2014
Healing Arts Collection, Westfields Hospital, New Richmond, WI, 2019
Healing Arts Collection, Hudson Hospital, Hudson, WI, 2010-2011
Where Eagles Fly: memorial installation, Saint Bonaventure, Bloomington, MN, 2019
City of Middleton Arts Council, Municipal Court & Police Station, Middleton, WI, 2010