Kate Cusack

"I love the "aha" moment when someone realizes that there is more to my design than they initially expected. It surprises people to discover what my jewelry is made of—and always brings a smile of discovery."

Kate Cusack's fascination with zippers comes from her general love of transforming ordinary materials into wearable objects of art. Because the metal zipper teeth are attached to a fabric edge, it is a material both rigid and flexible. Cusack enjoys the contrast between the whimsical shapes that she creates and the harshness of the metal teeth.

Traditionally, a zipper is a device designed simply to function. It is a fastener and not a feature. Cusack's transformation of zippers into jewelry reminds the wearer of the power of imagination and the joy of discovering a view of something that would otherwise be overlooked.

Cusack earned her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in costume design for theater from the Yale School of Drama. All of Cusack's experiences—from costume design to the creation of wearable art—culminate in the Zipper Jewelry. All of her work relates to the body, combining theatrical influences and her love for the transformation of unusual materials.

Zest Zipper Earrings
Zippered Earrings

$ 150
Margaux Zipper Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 90
Long Line Zipper Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 110
Knot Zipper Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 100
Saturn Zipper Necklace
Zippered Necklace

$ 110 - $ 220
Tress Zipper Bracelet
Zippered Bracelet

$ 285
Black Zipper Pin
Zippered Brooch

$ 85
Red Zipper Pin
Zippered Brooch

$ 85
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
SOFA Chicago - represented by the Snyderman Works Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, Navy Pier, 2007-2011
Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC, USA, National Building Museum, 2014-2016, 2018
BIJOUX - art jewelry exhibit and sale, West Palm Beach, FL, USA, Norton Art Museum, 2013-2016
LOOT - art jewelry exhibit and sale, New York, NY, USA, Museum of Arts and Design, 2012
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore, MD, USA, Baltimore Convention Center, 2015
Craft Boston - Spring, Boston, MA, USA, Cyclorama, 2015
SOFA New York - represented by the Snyderman Works Gallery, New York, NY, USA, Park Avenue Armory, 2008-2011
American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL, USA, Northwestern University Campus, 2014
BIJOUX=ART, Montreal, Canada, Museum of Beaux Arts, 2016
Go For Baroque, Racine, WI, Racine Art Museum, 2016