Kate Rothra Fleming

"Glass yields endless possibilities for exploring concepts in color, form, & texture. Our travels to the Costa Rican rainforest have been a great source of inspiration for my work in glass. Every visit unveils new mysteries & colors, from the sonic hum of a Curassow hiding in the under story, to the fascinating objects that litter the jungle floor, much is evident in my recent work."

Kate's work translates a lifelong fascination with natural history, travel and the medium of glass. Co-founding a Wildlife Preserve in Costa Rica has deeply influenced and fueled her artistic inspiration. Designed with the spirit of adventure, her pieces are visual expressions of the rainforest and the unusual forms found there.

Using flame to shape glass, or connect metal, Kate combines torch-formed components in soda lime glass: some shiny, some frosted, iridescent, or phosphorescent, and designs them into jewelry.

Primarily self-taught, Kate adventure in glass began years ago when she put her work before the public at a local Farmers Market in 2001. Demands for her pieces initially shaped her work and funded her progress. Kate later took workshops with jewelers and glass artists that interested her. Publications include Lark Books "Showcase: 500 Art Necklaces", "1,000 Glass Beads" & "500 Beaded Objects".

Aquanaut Necklace
Glass Necklace

$ 280 - $ 322
Forest Earrings
Silver & Glass Earrings

$ 160