Katharina Magdalena Short

"I am continually inspired by my diverse surroundings and I seek to infuse my paintings and prints with the extraordinary beauty of the mundane. Learning to listen, observe and embrace what presents itself as an inspiration is my challenge and joy as an artist."

Katharina Short 's travels have taken her around the world and she draws on the folk artists of places like Thailand, Mexico, Brazil and Saipan. Their influence can be seen in the saturated colors and narrative quality of many of her works. She also has an affinity for Mexican textiles, and brings their colors and textures to her paintings.

Each painting tells a small story; she begins with one central character and then allows the story to unfold. Largely self-taught, she paints directly from her imagination, recalling fragments of conversations, stories from the news or her own dreams. Everyday events are presented with simplicity and honesty that she hopes gives her subjects a universal appeal.

Adam & Eve
$ 295 - $ 500
$ 425 - $ 500
Red House
$ 300 - $ 540
Clouds Rest
$ 390 - $ 500