Kathryn Pistor

"Art, truth, and beauty are the keys that unlock the soul from its cell of sadness. Painting hands me my wings and invites me to the great, fun party called Life."

Something happens when people see Kathryn Pistor's paintings. Whether they feel haunted, overwhelmed, tickled, at peace, whatever their reaction, they are shifted. For they have glimpsed the energy of Life in her art.

Painting has lived in Kate's soul for lifetimes. Finally, today, she is able to plunge into the whirlwind energy of art and manifest what she has seen. For Pistor, retrieving images from the ether and arranging them in colors and postures on a canvas is a privilege, an honor, and a whole lot of fun. For this reason, she paints with gratitude, with grace, and with an enthusiasm that makes her spirit soar.