Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien Studio

"I believe that with beauty and meaning, inspiration comes naturally, often, and from everywhere. "

In his previous work as a painter, Kevin O'Brien aimed to add beauty to the world and meaning to his own life—so it seemed natural for him to make the transition from traditional painting to textiles. He got his start in the luxury fashion world twenty years ago selling hand-painted scarves. Today, his line includes handmade decorative pillows and more.

The handmade nature of the pieces created by Kevin O'Brien Studio results in a quality that can't be matched by mass-produced items. O'Brien's artwork is given three-dimensional life through unique hand-painted fabric, resulting in beautiful pieces that can elevate any interior.

Kevin began what would become Kevin O'Brien Studio over twenty years ago alone in a drafty old barn. As his business has grown, he has developed a great knack for hiring talented artists and designers. The KOB team consists of a diverse group of strong-minded, creative people, most of whom completed their college educations at surrounding art schools in the Philadelphia area.