Kino Guerin

"I capture the nature of life through bending wood. For me, it is like taking a picture of a body in motion. By fixing a movement for eternity, it shows how existence is fragile and powerful. "

Furniture maker Kino Guerin is always in search of equilibrium: between the work of art and the utility object, between the curve and the straight line, and finally, in the choice of materials. Noble woods and precious veneers coexist with industrial materials such as plywood. Guerin's twelve years of research and experimentation with the vacuum press lamination process has allowed him to push the limits of the process in a uniquely fluid way. With each furniture design, Kino Guerin creates an airiness and lightness, a piece of functional sculpture.

As Artful Home artistic advisor Michael Monroe states, "Kino Guerin is a master at bending a rigid material to get this beautiful flow and movement. It is not easy to do. These pieces look as if they are effortless, but they are technically very hard. He creates an elegance. A beautiful, lyrical flow. There is nothing common about these pieces. Kino Guerin distinguishes himself from everyone else making furniture today.