Lara Fisher

L Fisher Design

"Making these lights has not just been an art experience for me but an incredible opportunity to unite equal parts energy, inspiration and an offbeat whimsy to an organic piece of art. There is an unmistakable feeling that I get when I walk into a room and see a group of Koi fish quietly glowing, it is sure to elicit a smile every time."

Lara Fisher along with her artist mother, Linda Fisher, and sister Shannon Fisher discovered a true passion for light. The understated power of light and color, along with the beauty of nature was the main inspiration behind these impressionistic lights. Not only is there a tremendous calming power felt from light but the shape of the Japanese Koi fish symbolizes peace, strength, and prosperity.

Each piece is individually hand crafted using handmade fibers, resins, and a unique sculptural technique that the Fisher women perfected over years of experimentation.

Lara grew up in a family of gifted artisans where originality and creativity were encouraged. She began traveling the world at a young age and quickly developed a fascination with all things unique, exotic, and creative. The Fisher women currently reside and take inspiration from some of the most beautiful places they have traveled to: California, Utah and Italy.