Lin Xu


"Working with clay engages me in the process of discovery of beauty, surprise, happiness, and ultimately, positive conversations with my work and the viewers."

To utilize the advantages of materials, forms and surfaces is one of the most important goals in Lin Xu's art making. She works with a very wide range of clay bodies and surface treatments, and enjoys being challenged by them. Her work is about objects constantly being born and transforming. It is a visual journal of dialogues, between the artist, materials, and the process.

A large portion of Lin Xu's sculptural works were created using soft-slab. Working with very thin porcelain soft slab is a challenging and addictive process, it requires quickness, decisiveness, and a good sense of when to stop and let the clay alone, before the piece collapses from too much handling. Glazes and decals are the two primary surface treatments used in her works.

Born and raised in China, Lin Xu holds a BSc degree in Engineering from Jinlin University (China), a Bachelor in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney (Australia), and a MFA from Washington State University, both in Ceramics. She is currently a full-time faculty in charge of Ceramics area in Visual and Aboriginal Arts Department at Brandon University (Manitoba, Canada).

Ceramic Sculpture

$ 300
Striped Vase
Ceramic Vase

$ 400
Canada Council for the Arts Art Bank, Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada, 2009
Public Art, Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, 2008