Lacey Goodrich


"Clay is an amazingly alive and versatile material that constantly reminds the ceramicist the virtue in being able to let go."

The goal of Lacey Goodrich's work is to offer fun, functional pieces that can fit into almost any setting, coastal cottage to contemporary. She makes all of her work herself, with the help of one assistant, and strives to maintain the handmade quality of her pieces rather than have them feel "too perfect."

Goodrich's work consists of hand-thrown, hand-painted functional pieces, which are underglazed and clear glazed. It is lead free and microwavable, but dishwashers are too harsh for the finish.

She studied painting at Carnegie Mellon University, and after graduating, moved to Portland, Maine, where she took a pottery class at a local studio. It stuck, and she now has her own studio, with work shown at many galleries across the country.