Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Lauren HB Studio

"My goal is to combine concept and craft to create a transformative experience through my work."

Lauren Herzak-Bauman believes in the power of handmade objects to transform everyday experiences and designs for those who want to elevate their surroundings. Mid-century modern design, nature, and the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi inform her vessels. Born from a desire to connect sculpture with utility, each handcrafted pot is fully functional and can be put to use. In addition to her pottery, Herzak-Bauman also creates sculpture and public art.

Herzak-Bauman's process begins with a lump of clay, a large block from which each form will take shape. Drawing from research, she removes, carves, and refines each piece until the angles merge with flat planes to create a vessel. She creates molds from these originals and uses the process of slip casting to create limited editions of each design. Porcelain is her clay of choice for its durable brilliance; each handcrafted glaze is made brighter as a result. Variation and imperfection, an inevitable outcome of handmade work, is always welcome.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Lauren Herzak-Bauman received a BFA in ceramics from Bowling Green State University and an MFA in studio art from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She returned to Cleveland to pursue her artistic career after living in Minneapolis for close to seven years. She works in a studio just outside Cleveland in a building that used to be an old electric automobile factory. It has tall ceilings and big windows that let in the best light. She is happy to be surrounded by other small businesses, artists, and an awesome facility and maintenance team.