Leia Zumbro

"I use patterns found in the natural world to inspire the construction and shape of my jewelry."

Jewelry is the tool Leia Zumbro uses to delve into the mysteries of nature. She is ever intrigued and interested in the simple complexity of the natural world. Observing the sequential patterns in which flower petals grow and water ripples away from an object, she imagines their shape and progression, then envisions a blueprint for a wearable piece that she can capture in metal.

Zumbro was introduced to steel through blacksmithing and quickly fell in love with it. Dark and industrial, steel has the potential to be used in jewelry making to create work that is delicate and lightweight, yet strong. She uses a more sculptural method to make her work, fusing the steel with brass at high temperatures and then oil sealing the steel using traditional blacksmithing methods.

Leia Zumbro earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in metalsmithing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and a master's degree in metals and jewelry from East Carolina University.