Leonie Lacouette

Leonie Lacouette

"Time flies when you are having fun! "

Leonie Lacouette started designing clocks more than two decades ago. It all began when she needed a clock for her studio. On a lark, she created a clock for herself and four more for a show. They sold immediately, and she has been making clocks ever since.

Using a basic language of geometric shapes and clean lines, Lacouette creates layered compositions that are both functional time pieces and beautiful kinetic sculptures. Her work combines minimalist design, a warm, organic palette, and a hint of playfulness. She uses a wide variety of materials; some, such as stainless steel and brass, are used in their raw state, while others, such as copper and wood, are painted and patinated by hand for a warmer feel.


Black Oval Pendulum Clock
Metal & Wood Clock

$ 295 - $ 395