Leslie Green

"For 45 years I have worked as a potter, sculptor, and teacher, and have used clay to make vessels, dinnerware, sculpture, and wall art. At present, my art has two different directions: raku wall pieces that evoke the full moon in the rich darkness of night, and cave-art-inspired stoneware wall pieces depicting the beauty of horses. "

In the current "Horse in Stone" series, slabs of stoneware clay are drawn upon, textured, and tossed on the floor to stretch the image and elongate the form. Before firing, the artist uses slips and glazes to achieve the qualities of mineralized stone. In these pieces, Leslie Green is celebrating the gentle presence of the horse, and hopes to bring the viewer to recognize a connection that humans have had to these magnificent animals going far back into prehistoric time.

Polar Bear II
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Leslie Green
$ 350
$ 297.50
Oregon Wolves 7
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Leslie Green
$ 600
$ 510
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Leslie Green
$ 500
$ 425
Tiger by Leslie Green (Ceramic Wall Sculpture)
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Leslie Green
Sold Out
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Clay and Canvas: Leslie Green A 50-year retrospective , Philomath, Oregon, Benton County Historical Museum, June, 2018