Linda Azar

"I have always been fascinated by the transformative relationship that exists between fire and metal, and the possibilities that unfold when they are brought together. I love the beauty that is created out of a process that can be messy, challenging, and at times a little dangerous. "

Linda Azar finds inspiration in the seemingly mundane details found in the world around us: a crack in the sidewalk, the way a particular branch springs forth from a tree, the unintended patterns created by erosion on a surface. Her work embodies transformation and contrast, mixing organic and architectural elements, smooth and deeply textured surfaces, light and dark finishes.

Azar works primarily with sterling silver, occasionally incorporating pearls and semiprecious stones. She uses traditional metal fabrication techniques as well as wax casting.

Linda Azar was born in Saint Petersburg, Florida. She graduated from University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in architecture. After moving to Asheville, North Carolina, she attended Haywood Community College's Professional Crafts Program and received her associate's degree in metals.

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