Lisa Scroggins

"People often tell me that my work is unlike anything they have seen. Much of my work is thrown on the wheel, and then sculptural additions are added. These additions range from lizards, frogs, snakes and fish, to ivy, leaves and birds. "

Perhaps because Lisa Scroggins has lived mostly in urban settings, her creative thinking often turns to nature and organic forms. It seems only natural to her to sculpt from nature. The artist's love of ceramics began in high school and progressed as she attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and later, the Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Scroggins loves the tactile experience and the symmetry of hand-throwing vessels on the wheel, and the asymmetrical focus of adding small pieces of sculpture to the vessels. Each piece of Lisa Scroggins' work is created entirely by the artist's hand.

Lisa Scroggins' background in graphics shows through in each piece of ceramics with her love of patterns, bright colors, and use of composition.