Lisa Slovis

Lisa Slovis Metalsmithing

"My work includes both jewelry and metal objects that allow me to thematically combine two important areas of my life—athletics and art."

Lisa Slovis incorporates movement, function, and ritual into jewelry and metal objects for the home. Developed around characteristics of toys and ritual or ceremonial objects, these pieces can be used, manipulated, and played with.

Slovis hand fabricates her objects for the home out of sheet pewter and her jewelry out of sterling silver. Some of the hand-fabricated items are also cast to create multiples. To draw the viewers' attention and encourage interaction, Slovis finishes many of the surfaces of her work with sandpaper and a coarse file to create a rough and shiny texture.

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Coupling Salt & Pepper
Pewter Salt & Pepper Shakers

$ 290
Slice Vase
Pewter Vase

$ 195
Omm Vase
Pewter Vase

$ 250
Exuberance Candelabra
Pewter Candleholders

$ 1,200
Double Om
Pewter Candleholder

$ 425
Meta Menorah
Pewter & Bronze Menorah

$ 1,150
Wave Salt & Pepper Shakers
Pewter Salt & Pepper Shakers

$ 175
Puzzle Menorah
Metal Menorah

$ 2,500
Mix/Match Salt & Pepper Shakers
Pewter Salt & Pepper Shakers

$ 175