Mindy McCain


"My hand-dyed scarf warps change color along the length of the scarf, making the weaving process enjoyable as I watch each new color advance on the loom."

As the granddaughter of a weaver, Mindy McCain was born wanting to weave. Having started on a simple 2-shaft loom, she progressed through ever-more complex 4-, 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-shaft looms before settling on her current 32-shaft loom, which she uses to weave intricate twill and satin-patterned scarves. Brilliant hand-dyed warps and original patterns work together with solid weft colors to create luminous, luxurious scarves.

A new line of handwoven cotton tea towels uses her color sense to provide a bright spot in the kitchen and makes a wonderfully practical gift.

Mindy McCain started her career in the fiber arts at the age of 5 when she creatively cut matching holes in the arms, seat and back of her mother's favorite arm chair. A self-taught weaver, Mindy McCain has been weaving for 50 years. She was educated first as an art teacher and later as a graphic designer, careers that allowed her to develop the creative knowledge required to blend color and pattern to produce unique fashion scarves. She has attended many weaving workshops and conferences over the years, has written articles for weaving publications and currently teaches weaving and dyeing at her local art center.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC, 2017
Craft+Design Show, Richmond, VA, 2017
Midwest Weavers Conference, Indianapolis, IN, 2017
Winterfair Art Show, Columbus, OH, 2011-2017