Lori Katz

"I am intrigued by contrast, the play of dark against light, the pull of empty space against the inclination to fill it up, the placement of line and shape, the use of subtle texture. "

Lori Katz's current body of work stems from a move to simplify design and process. Katz is inspired by minimalist art and design, and the long traditions of Asian pottery and British studio ceramics.

Lori Katz's wall work is slab-built stoneware backed on wood. Her functional vessels are wheel-thrown and altered, finished with slips, glazes, and underglazes. The black and white lines, shapes and marks are formed by an inlay of black stoneware into white stoneware. The strong graphic quality of Katz's work is achieved with a precise use of materials and a very sharp X-acto knife. Some of Katz's pieces have additions of a cold wax, oil paint finish, and metal leaf.

Lori Katz has been making stuff with clay since she was a kid. The deal was sealed in college where Lori spent countless hours in the Ceramics studio. After college, Lori honed her skills during an apprenticeship, and then went on to establish her own studio.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
SOFA, Chicago, IL, 2016, 2017, 2018
The Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY, 2016-2020
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2009, 2016
American Craft Council Craft Show, Baltimore, MD, 2009-2020
Architectural Digest Design Show, Pier 94, New York, 2017, 2018
American Craft Concil Craft Show, San Francisco, CA, 2011
American Craft Council Craft Show, St. Paul, MN, 2011
US Embassy, Bandar, Seri Bagwan, 2012
IBM, Herndon, VA, 2011
USTelecom, Washington, DC, 2017