M. Kungl

M Kungl

"I strive to produce work that I'm personally going to have fun designing and painting. When the piece is complete, I want the viewer to be just as entertained seeing it as I was creating it. "

Best known for his modern and nostalgic images, M. Kungl works in a vintage style filled with a radiant color palette and a stylish, streamlined twist. Inspired by Art Deco and Modernism, Kungl creates art that is radiant, exciting, and fun. His subject matter and titles reflect the glamour of the world's most stylish era.

After completing art and design school, M. Kungl applied his graphic design education to achieve a successful career in advertising. After spending nearly two decades creating award-winning logos, package design, and illustration for companies such as Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, Toshiba, and Nissan Motors, Kungl now focuses on fine art full time.


Acrylic Painting

$ 7,500
Samurai Eyes
Giclee Print

$ 295
La Bonne Vie
Giclee Print

$ 325
Moto Autobahn
Giclee Print

$ 300
New Star Wars Releases from M Kungl , Walt Disney World, Florida , Orlando, FL , 2015