Maeve Harris

"Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will pursue me always... -- Paul Klee"

Maeve Harris began oil painting at the age of eight and has never stopped. As an independent spirit, most of her youth was spent exploring and soaking in a broad spectrum of influences with a deep interest in art history and literature. The core of her inspiration comes from artists of all kinds who tap into their innate self and who work incessantly on their craft.

In her paintings, Harris concentrates on the integration of traditional subject matter with contemporary styles and techniques. Influenced by natural and organic forms, the artist renders expressions of color and light.

Harris attended Arizona State University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in photography. Her work in photographic processes carried into printmaking and continued full circle into painting. She references photographs in her work and enjoys experimentation with other media to push the limits of paint.