Mary Jaeger

"The core of my work is inspired by my passion for color, texture, pattern, and handcrafted details. "

Mary Jaeger's work is about modern elegance and rich traditions. Uncluttered textiles and accessories reflect her aesthetic, melding ancient Eastern and contemporary Western design. Drawing on years spent in Japan and other areas of Asia and Europe, she creates timeless collections that seamlessly move between seasons, places, and occasions.

Beginning with simple silhouettes and classic natural fibers, Mary Jaeger uses shibori and other dyeing techniques to create unique surface designs. She may then selectively stitch, print, paint, embellish, layer, pleat, deconstruct, or wrap the textiles for further details. From design through production, all pieces are created in Jaeger's New York City atelier.

Mary Jaeger's foremost concerns include beauty in our everyday lives, design functionality, and innovation. Her passions include traditional textile designs and embellishing techniques, tactile combinations of fabrics and motifs, and eco-consciousness. She strives to help make our world a more enjoyable place to live by preserving and offering the art of one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade clothing.