Mary Jo Van Dell

"Nature, especially the wilderness, is deeply inspiring, and I am intrigued by her work reflects this world and my place in it."

Contemporary landscape oil painter Mary Jo Van Dell was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and began painting at a young age. Today, she has carved out a career in the arts painting full time, while remaining self-taught. Van Dell finds inspiration in the woods, lakes, prairies, coasts, and wilderness areas of the United States and Canada.

Van Dell is recognized for her minimalist technique, limited palette, and the often somber, moody atmosphere of her paintings. Her straightforward approach and ability to captivate her audience emotionally has gained her a strong following of collectors and admirers both nationally and internationally.

Van Dell has exhibited and been part of many solo and group shows throughout the country.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit - Merit Award, Anderson Center, St. Paul, MN, USA, 2009
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit - Merit Award: Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Anderson Center, St. Paul, MN USA, 2008
Sumasil Foundation Grant Recipient, Minnesota, USA, 2004
"Rising, A Painter's Life on Film", Stillwater Living Magazine, Stillwater, MN, USA, 2007
"Making the World Right", by Adam Swenson, Stillwater Living Magazine, Stillwater, MN, USA, 2006
"Rising" documentary film by award-winning filmographer Emily Haddad, Stillwater, USA, 2009
Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota, USA, 2008
Will Steger: Polar Adventurer, Global Warming 101, USA, 2006
National Park Service, Isle Royale National Park, Houghton, MI, 2004
Stillwater Medical Clinic, Stillwater, USA, 2006