Maureen Kerstein

Maureen E. Kerstein

"The sea, the waves breaking on the shore, and the movement of the water as it ebbs on a sandy beach: these are my inspirations that I capture as I paint. In order to accomplish this, I allow the painting to take on a life of its own by turning the color loose to mingle and flow freely over the surface of the paper. "

Inspired by water and coastal landscapes, Maureen Kerstein's paintings spark the imagination by capturing the essence of her subject.

She begins each painting by preparing a mixture of fresh colors on a palette. As she applies the paint to paper, she sprays and pours water, allowing the two to mix. The intensity of paint application, water movement, and even the weather can highly influence the direction and final outcome of the painting.

With Kerstein's formal education in Occupational Therapy, the artist has taught, published articles, and used her interest in art as a teaching and therapy tool. She developed her unique techniques from many painting hours in her studio.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
1st Place Award at Savannah Art Exhibition, Paces Showroom, Savannah, GA, USA, 2010
Florida Watercolor Society, Juried Exhibition, Delray Beach, FL, USA, 2008
Southern Watercolor Society, Juried Exhibition, Panama City, FL, USA, 2008
Metro Montage, Marietta Museum of Art, Marietta, GA, 2014
Georgia Watercolor Signature Exhibition, Oglethorpe Museum, Atlanta, GA, 2014
Westin Hotel Collection, Westin Hotel, Savannah, GA, USA, 2009
Grand Lakes Marriott Resort, Marriott, Orlando, FL USA, 2009
Memorial Hospital, Art Purchase, Savannah, GA USA, 2008