Mayauel Ward

Mayauel Ward Art Glass

"I want viewers to wonder, "how did he make this?" I have spent over 35 years working with glass as an art medium and I love the amazement it invokes in others. People sometimes ask me if I am encasing real flowers in glass or if I have used paint to create my images. They are astonished to learn that every part of my work is made entirely of glass. "

Mayauel Ward was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. Originally planning a career as a physical therapist, he took one class in glassblowing and was hooked. Now, over 35 years later, the artist has his own glassblowing business and his work is collected throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Mayauel Ward begins each piece by gathering molten glass on the end of a pipe. Heating rods of colored glass with a torch, Ward creates the flowers, fish, or butterflies directly on the surface of the hot gather. Ward then encases the piece in more molten glass and applies additional colored rods to the new surface. This gives the piece depth, and allows Ward to blow the piece into a vase, perfume bottle, or paperweight.

Ward studied glassblowing in college and then went to work for Correia Art Glass, followed by Abelman Art Glass. At these studios, he furthered his skills in glass forming and the use of color. He is self-taught in the techniques of torch working and lamp working. Ward started designing pieces for himself in 1988 and opened his own studio in 2005.