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Meg Dickerson

"Creating work from clay is a challenge that excites and frustrates me every day."

As Meg Dickerson manipulates surface and color, she strives to maintain a traditional focus on detail as she replicates surfaces found in nature using chemicals and fire, creating a primal sensibility. Each piece is layered with slips and glazes, traveling to the kiln multiple time to achieve a weathered skin. Her work adds a curious and peaceful presence to your home.

Dickerson's textures and brushwork are influenced by an attraction to the tribal art and architecture of West Africa. These often ancient designs are spare and complex, functional and beautiful.

With few tools and uncomplicated techniques, Dickerson throws on a potter's wheel and uses a slab roller. Her clay is a very groggy stoneware that is agreeable to her irreverent treatment of the material.

Green House 2
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 130
$ 104
White House with Nails
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 140
$ 112
Crunchy Yellow House
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 160
$ 128
Wide Top Tall Vase
Ceramic Vase

$ 122
$ 97.60
Green House 1 by Meg Dickerson (Ceramic Sculpture)
Green House 1
Ceramic Sculpture

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