Meghan Wilbar

"The natural world holds the key to abstraction through the dance between colliding forms and the interchange of negative and positive space, light and color. I use this natural abstraction to create paintings that evoke the experiences one has within one's surroundings. The paintings are brief histories of moments constantly shifting, reorganizing to reveal the underlying structure in the landscape. "

The landscape is a constant subject for Meghan Wilbar. It provides inspiration, emotional and spatial relationships, and an overall connection to the human experience. She aims to squeeze this expansive landscape into a compressed, tension-filled space that becomes its own experience of reality.

Each painting is conceived through a series of on-site drawings. The drawings extract form, movement, and space in simple shades of white, brown, and black. The process of painting integrates the shapes from the drawings into the dialogue of paint. The application of layers, washes, and drips of oil paint furthers the exploration of the emotive quality of the landscape.

Meghan Wilbar received her BA from Knox College and her MFA from the New York Studio School. The Studio School was founded on principles of abstract expressionism and gave her the opportunity to work with renowned New York painters. She has been awarded several fellowships for artist residencies and has her work in private and public collections. She currently lives and works in Denver.