Melinda Moore

"Light is the essence of spirit in its purest form, and is a key ingredient in my art. A fleeting expression, a bird taking wing, clouds and sea: everything is transient, yet everything becomes permanent when captured by the camera. My desire is to create a certain soulfulness in my work which engages the viewer, promoting a deeper bond with the natural world."

Patient observation of the natural world plus exposure to the works of artists from the Age of Discovery (such a John James Audubon and Martin Johnson Heade) have inspired Melinda Moore to merge her photographic talent with her artistic vision. The end result is a romantic, atmospheric art form which is also hyperreal in detail.

Melinda Moore's painterly montage technique is created by blending detailed images with soft, atmospheric ones, then adding scans of organic textures such as paper or cloth. Working tediously in her digital darkroom, she removes the texture from the subject feather by feather, hair by hair, to reveal the details that were captured by the camera.

Workshops with artists such as Anna Tomczak, Vincent Versace, and Joyce Tenneson have broadened Moore's lifetime photographic skills. Extensive travel and the ability to spend many hours in museums exposed her eye to good art. Her own creative drive developed her unique style. The most profound training came from many hours observing nature and creatures in their habitats.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Solo Exhibit Creative Focus, John D MacArthur Beach State Park, North Palm Beach, Fl, 2010
Solo Exhibit Creative Nature, Palm Beach Gardens City Hall, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl, 2011
National Asc of Women Artists Exhibit, Coral Springs Museum, Coral Springs Fl, 2014
Art in Public Places, Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach, Fl, 2013
Solo Exhibit , Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound Fl, 2012
Public Art Installation , MacArthur Beach State Park, North Palm Beach, Fl, 2012
Public Business Aquisition, Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Fl, 2012
Public Corporation , Lighthouse Investment Partners, North Palm Beach, Fl, 2014