Ron Stinson

Metal Expressions, Ltd.

"Creating and sharing my art with others gives me great pleasure and purpose every day. I truly enjoy the process from conception to placing it in my patron's home or outdoor setting. Art is my daily adventure! "

Ron has created many nature inspired works of art over the past 45 years. His current body of work focuses primarily on geometric shapes and their relationship to the study of sacred geometry. He enjoys the repeating patterns of the shapes and gives them a sense of motion. DNA spirals and curvy feminine lines soften the masculine geometric shapes to bring the sculptures to life.

Ron works primarily with marine quality stainless steel and Cor-ten weathering steel. Brass, copper, and bronze are introduced into sculptures to provide depth and color. Construction for each piece uses electric MIG/TIG welding along with oxygen/acetylene torch brazing. The final creative step is the intentional and highly controlled grinding and burnishing of an intricate pattern.

Ron Stinson is primarily self taught but was strongly influenced in his earlier works by the guidance of his older his brother, Seth Stinson. Ron was born into an artistic family. His father was a professional photographer and his mother was a clothing tailor and painter. Ron has been self-employed for the past 22 years selling his creations through galleries and prestigious juried art shows.

Metal Sculpture

$ 6,200
$ 5,270
Life Flows
Metal Sculpture

$ 9,700
$ 8,245
Metal Sculpture

$ 7,000
$ 5,950
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Columbus Fine Arts Festival, Columbus Ohio, Columbus Ohio, 2019
Naples 5th Ave , Naples Florida, Naples Florida, 2020
Central Pa Festival of the Arts, State College, State College, PA, 2019
Oklahoma Festival of the Arts , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , 2018
Port Clinton Art Festival, Highland Park, Highland Park, Illinois , 2019