Michal Lando

"The material I work with is irresistible. I fell in love with it on first touch, and it launched my career as a jewelry artist. Now I get the pleasure of seeing others fall in love with it as well!"

Michal Lando began her path as a jewelry artist after discovering a piece of nylon mesh. She simply couldn't get enough of the material, which is sensuous and bold yet incredibly light. Lando enjoys the combination of volume and weightlessness, which offers endless opportunities for new designs.

Traditionally, nylon mesh was used as a structure in the formation of hats, but Lando transforms the material into an object of design in itself. Lando enjoys the tension between the very soft and supple nylon and the hardness of metal, usually silver, and uses that tension to create architectural yet sensuous jewelry.

Lando started out her professional life as a writer, earning her MFA in poetry at The New School. She sees her transition into jewelry, which she studied at the 92nd St. Y with renowned jeweler Klaus Burgel, as a continuation of her previous work. Poem, after all, means "a made thing." Today she makes poems out of tactile material.

Loop Bangle
Silver & Nylon Bracelet

$ 80
Penta Earrings
Nylon Earrings

$ 160
Gold Ovulo Earrings
Gold & Nylon Earrings

$ 90
Tandem Necklace
Nylon Necklace

$ 230
Ovulo Earrings
Silver & Nylon Earrings

$ 80
Ovulo Necklace
Silver & Nylon Necklace

$ 230
Pod Necklace
Silver & Nylon Necklace

$ 250