Mira Francel

"My work is a daily reminder that what appears to be the end is nothing more than a pause on the path to becoming."

Mira’s art is a pursuit of unexpected beauty, drawn from an array of mixed media, but primarily discarded glass. She is dedicated to using reclaimed materials because she witnesses a redemption in every finished piece. She is fascinated by what lies just below the surface, often unseen due to the nature of our busy lives. Mira approaches her art and life with an underlying belief that there is always something more than what is obvious. This belief manifests in a curiosity for experimenting with underappreciated methods and materials.

Mira reclaims unwanted materials and combining them in unique and unusual ways. She has focused on discarded architectural glass, using kilnforming, guilding, and mixed-media techniques she has developed over decades.

A self-taught artist, Mhe learned how to operate kilns and melt glass through years of playful experimentation long before the information was readily available on the internet.