Nancy Sherburne

"I've always been captivated by the interplay of light, color, and organic form in art as well as nature. I'm particularly drawn to glass as a medium because of its unique ability to reflect and transmit light and color in unusual and fascinating ways."

Nancy Sherburne's work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, from dramatic mountain peaks and serene lakes to painterly skies and vibrant garden blooms. Her playful designs juxtapose geometric shapes with free-flowing organic forms. She also likes exploring texture and dimensionality in her work.

Sherburne's fused glass pieces are created by cutting interesting shapes from sheets of opalescent and translucent glass and layering them in unique ways. These layers of glass are embellished with crushed glass pieces, paint, colorful dots, and fluid gold pen work to create texture and add visual interest. Her work ranges from garden art and ornaments to functional serving pieces, menorahs, and decorative art panels.

Following a career as a professional writer, Nancy Sherburne decided to pursue her lifelong love of art. After her first foray into fused glass, she knew she'd found her home. She has taken classes at a number of Boston-area studios as well as the Corning Museum of Glass. In 2016, she established Arc Light Glass in Acton, Massachusetts.