Nancy Y. Adams

"I want to celebrate all the wonderful living things on earth. "

Nancy Y. Adams has spent her artistic career perfecting her skills and paying homage to what is most sacred to her—the natural environment. She has always loved nature and is fascinated by the diverse plants and animals of our world. She also draws inspiration from Greco-Roman, Egyptian, and Native American storytelling and mythology.

Adams prefers the quiet atmosphere of working alone in her Oregon studio. She individually throws each of her white earthenware pieces and carves motifs including a variety of flora and fauna. Finally, she airbrushes low-fire glazes and underglazes onto the pieces in multiple coats before they are kiln fired.

Pursuing an education in classical literature inadvertently led Adams to a ceramics class during her first year of college—but she always knew she was interested in the art of making things. Today, she practices a simple, disciplined life balancing art making with time spent riding her horses and exploring the beauty of nature.

Jade Lily Perfume II
Ceramic Perfume Bottle

$ 200
Owl Box
Ceramic Box

$ 180
Owl Lotus Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 400
Hummingbird Peach Box by Nancy Y. Adams (Ceramic Box)
Lizard Vessel
Ceramic Vessel

$ 190
Black Dragon Perfume
Ceramic Perfume Bottle

$ 190
Lone Lizard Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 120
Lizard Bowl
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 150
Raven Acorn Box
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 700
Green Dragon Perfume
Ceramic Perfume Bottle

$ 190
Ceramic Vase

$ 2,000
Beast: Wild Animals in RAM's Collection, Racine Art Museum, Racine Wisconsin, Feb. 18-June 10, 2018