Ouida Touchon

"I am an image maker more than I am a painter or a printmaker. I am interested in using the offerings of the medium--the grain, the brush, the viscous paint, the canvas, the torn edge of the paper--all of these elements affect the surface in such a way as to open the door into the feeling of the image."

Each expressed image is linked to what is observed, which relies on the eyes to unlock the imagination and investigate the possibilities of manifesting the image. Sometimes, the scintillation of it is where it ends, but sometimes, the motif itself causes a hoped-for sensation of lingering joy or commonality between the viewer and artist. This is what Ouida Touchon hopes for in each of her images.

Ouida Touchon is a visual artist who spends most of her waking moments at the easel or the press. Touchon works in a variety of media and tends to be observational and figurative rather than abstract. She creates small-edition woodcut prints that are complex and incorporate multiple plates, ink colors, and collage techniques. She also works in oil paint on canvas in the studio and in nature.

Touchon earned her B.F.A. in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute and her M.A. from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in studio arts. She has studied with distinguished printmakers and painters in Italy, Mexico, and the United States. She is a member of the American Print Alliance, Southern Graphics Council, California Society of Printmakers, and Los Angeles Printmaking Society.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Craft Boston, Boston Convention Center, Boston, 2014
Artist Residency, London , London, England, 2015
American Craft Council Show, Atlanta, Georgia, 2015
El Paso Museum of Art, downtown El Paso, El Paso, Texas, 2006
Taylor-Barela-Reynolds-Mesilla State Monument (TBRM), Historic adobe home of J.Paul Taylor and his family, Mesilla, New Mexico, 2007
Federal Building, Church Street , Las Cruces, NM, 2011