Pamela Acheson Myers

"Intense color has thrilled me for as long as I can remember, whether in a tropical bird's brilliant rainbow of feathers, a spectacular sunrise, or a wildly wall-papered room. Watching colors blossom as I apply them to my canvas is an incredibly exciting process for me."

Myers has had a love affair with watery vistas and the reflections they create since visiting Nantucket as a child. Her abstract landscapes and seascapes capture images of her water-based travels around the world, from the Florida Keys to the Chilean fjords to the Amalfi coast. "For me," she says, "every view of land, sea, and sky is a magic moment of colors and reflections never to be repeated."

Myers paints with acrylics on canvas or linen. To achieve her intense colors, she applies many thin layers of paint, allowing each to dry completely before applying the next. She heavily dilutes the paint with water, and it can take 24 to 72 hours for a layer to dry. "This can be so frustrating," she says, "because I know exactly what I want to do next, but must wait until the new layer dries!"

Pamela Acheson Myers studied art at Bennington College in Vermont under Vincent Longo, Jules Olitski, and David Smith. After a successful publishing career in New York City, she returned to art, studying under Harlan G. Hoffman and Miroslav Antic, both of West Palm Beach, Florida. Since then, she has developed her own unique style of multi-layered acrylics heavily diluted with water.

Spring Begins
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,400
Topsy Turvy
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,200
Magical Forest
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,800
High Key
Acrylic Painting

$ 500
Pure Joy
Acrylic Painting

$ 700
Dream World
Acrylic & Oil Painting

$ 700
Hidden Marshes
Acrylic Painting

$ 1,500
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Cultural Council Biennial, Lake Worth, FL USA, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, 2015
Third Prize, Art of Association, Tequesta, Florida USA, Lighthouse ArtCenter, 2014
The Creative Process, Riverhead, NY USA, East End Arts Gallery, 2014
Small Works Exhibit, West Palm Beach, FL USA, JF Gallery, 2014
Award of Exceptional Merit, Scottsdale Biennale 2013, Scottsdale, AZ USA, Wee Gallery of Fine Art, 2013
American Airlines Art Collection, American Airlines Admirals Lounge, Miami, FL USA, 2014