Patricia Barry Levy

"I'm fascinated by the resonance of common places and ordinary objects, which, when woven together in a beautiful new context, spark curiosity and tell stories. Transitioning into the digital world has allowed me to be more hands-on than ever before. "

The "Prairie Dreams" series draws inspiration from the American Great Plains. There, the vast open expanses contrast with the smallness of birds, eggs, flowers. There's a sense of possibility, yet the constraints imposed by weather and history are inescapable. While the sparsely spaced windmills seem almost insignificant, the evidence of man's hopes and efforts are everywhere. These elements of the prairie provide metaphors for the universal themes of transformation and regeneration.

Levy's photomontages are a combination of photographs taken during her travels, studio shoots or scans of objects found or searched out, and pastel drawings. Everything included in the final image is created by her. The magic happens in Photoshop. Ordinary objects and environments take on another life and assume the role of metaphor. Imagery is recombined, colors are heightened, and an intriguing story emerges. Printing is done by her using archival pigment inks on fine art papers.

Levy has made her living as a photographer for over twenty-five years. She has degrees in history and photography. Embracing digital tools has opened the doors of creativity in new and exciting ways, and she continues to study via workshops, seminars and conferences to expand her skills and deepen her explorations.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Featured Artist, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Deco Lounge Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO, 2017
Photobook, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, 2017
Women Behind the Lens, Parker Arts, Culture & Events Center, Parker, CO, 2017
The Mind's Eye, Strecker Nelson West Gallery, Manhattan, KS, 2017
Unexpected Developments. Solo., Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver, CO, 2016
Art installation, Elizabeth Hotel, Fort Collins, CO, 2017
Art installation, Public Service Credit Union, Denver, CO, 2016
Art installation, Jackson National Life Insurance, Lansing, MI, 2015
Art installation, CoBank, Denver, CO, 2015
Art installation, Children's Hospital, Denver, CO, 2014