Paulette Werger

"My jewelry relates to the abstracted botanical form and the discipline of line drawing, reminding the wearer of the first forms of spring or the last of winter."

Born into a family of makers, Paulette’s childhood activities of drawing and fixing things in her dad’s auto garage, formed her passion for tools, metalsmithing, and jewelry making. Growing up, surrounded by Hudson River school landscape paintings of her great grandfather, the importance of the natural world persists in the narrative of her work. The spark of making and curiosity took hold and Werger pursued art as her career.

Werger’s emphasis of design strips away excess and gets to the core of the image, surface, and the mechanics of function. She works with silver, high-karat gold, ethically sourced, gems and pearls. Torch-fired enamel adds pops of color to her neckpieces, chains and brooches. Paulette works directly with materials using the classical techniques of fusing, forging, forming and fabricating to create each piece by hand.

Paulette Werger is an upstate NY native living in New Hampshire. She received her B.S. in Painting and Sculpture from the College of Saint Rose and Skidmore College, NY, and her M.F.A. in Art Metal from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She teaches metal techniques nationally and online. From her studio at AVA Gallery and Art Center, Paulette creates jewelry, flatware, and vessels.