Peggy Crago

"My studio looks out onto my garden. Between pottery and gardening, it seems my hands are never clean."

Perhaps as a result of growing up in a large family with no room for clutter, Peggy Crago came to appreciate objects that are both functional and beautiful. She enjoys experimenting with classical forms, color, and unique shapes. An extensive background in fine art and sign painting developed Crago's brush and layout abilities; but her first experience with pottery forever changed her artistic direction. She was especially drawn to majolica, with its bright colors and enduring elegance.

Crago makes all her works by hand using a variety of techniques--throwing on the wheel, rolling out slabs, extruding shapes, hand-modeling--often combining several techniques in one piece. Her works are designed to be completely functional, yet beautiful enough to be displayed.

Crago uses traditional red clay because it is less prone to chipping and cracking than white earthenware, and because the color lends a beautiful contrast and warmth to each piece. Her clay and glazes are lead-free. The stains are stable and food safe, even for acidic foods such as orange juice and tomatoes.