Georgia Pozycinski and Joseph Pozycinski

Pozycinski Studios

"Glass suggests air and light. Bronze, weight. Bring these materials together, and one finds in the result an engaging blend of aesthetic interplay. "

Partners in life as well as art, Joseph and Georgia Pozycinksi collaborated for decades on sculptural work in bronze and glass. In March 2022, Georgia died from ALS—a great loss for our artist community. Joseph honors her legacy by continuing to create artwork inspired by nature, drawing upon Georgia’s animal imagery and combining it with new forms in translucent cast glass.

Joseph’s background is in engineering and technology. He started his art career as a woodturner before getting involved with bronze sculpting and later, glass casting. He is especially interested in pairing state-of-the-art techniques with organic, natural design elements. It's no wonder glass casting is his chosen medium: it's a very exacting process that requires computer-controlled kilns and precise firing schedules, and the resulting artwork beautifully captures the simple fragility of life.

Joseph and Georgia got their start in 1975 after moving to the small town of Sparta, Missouri, and developing their skills in wood and pottery. In 1993, they turned to metal sculpture and found bronze to be the perfect medium for their work. In 2007, they incorporated cast glass with bronze. In both their collaborative work and Joseph's current work, you can see an engagement of past with present, of organic form with inorganic medium. Their work is an expression of the timeless human need to cast itself in some lasting form of natural serene beauty.