Rachel Tribble

Rachel Tribble

"I continue to dedicate my work to peacefulness in the world and the celebration of the Earth, Sky, and the multidimensional universes. "

American artist Rachel Tribble's award-winning, dream-like contemporary oil paintings are recognized for their meditative qualities and serene use of color and focused repetition. Her portfolio, entirely elemental, engulfs the viewer in a magical contemplation that establishes an instant connect with the universe and nature. These quiet paintings evoke calm emotion and, in Tribble?s altruistic nature, are acts of environmental activism.

Tribble initially introduced her work into the alternative venues of rock nightclubs along with the rise of techno. She produces visual and sound environments and multi-media installations that focused on esoteric, social, and environmental issues. Her work transformed when she went to live and work in the Native American community.

Rachel Tribble studied fine arts at Syracuse University and the National Academy of Design in New York. Since then Rachel?s work has been featured in galleries, shown at the Miami Art Week Fairs, in art books, national magazines, gifted to nominees of the Academy Awards and the Emmy Awards, and at EPCOT at Walt Disney World. Her work for the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival poster won the IFEA Gold Pinnacle Award for the Walt Disney Company.

Dreaming Tree
Giclee Print

$ 140 - $ 495
Tree II + (a)
Giclee Print

$ 140 - $ 550
Time Here
Giclee Print

$ 140 - $ 1,050
Into the Dreamtime
Giclee Print

$ 140 - $ 190
Giclee Print

$ 495 - $ 750
Giclee Print

$ 495 - $ 750
Giclee Print

$ 299
Butterfly No. 11
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,200
Butterfly No. 4
Giclee Print & Original Watercolor Painting

$ 110 - $ 1,200
Giclee Print

$ 200
Two Flowers
Giclee Print

$ 450
Giclee Print

$ 155
Blue Poppy
Giclee Print

$ 300
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
LAPOV State of the Arts Exhibition, Pacific Arts Design Center, Los Angeles, California USA, 2005
Art Off the Rack, Artifax Alternative Arts Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, 1991
International Flower and Garden Festival, Epcot Center Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA, 2008
Art of the Heart, Martin County Arts Council, Stuart, Florida USA, 2007
Expo of the Heart, Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA, 2007