Rachelle Miller

"Natural phenomena infatuate me. My work clearly focuses on small, organic patterns and the communities in which they exist."

When asked to describe her work, Rachelle Miller refers to it as "little colorful microcosms." As a mom, pet mom, visual artist, and art instructor, Miller melds clay in the same way she weaves together all aspects of her life: with texture, color, and layering.

While her pieces may begin—and often remain—strong individually, Miller contends that each singularity is part of a bigger community. Her pieces form a relationship once together, and she takes great joy in seeing the ways they can interact.

Miller uses the potter's wheel and hand-building techniques to create her work. She also uses printing, etching, layering, and multiple firing methods to achieve the surfaces she desires.

In 1996, Rachelle Miller received her BA in art with a ceramics emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. After graduation, she spent four years working as a production potter for Rockdale Union Stoneware, Rowe Pottery, and Lakeside Pottery. Since then, she has been working as a studio potter and an instructor.