Rob Caperell

"My steel furniture and home accessories are characterized by fluid, graceful designs juxtaposed with the straightforward qualities of traditional forged ironwork."

The cold, hard nature of raw steel is transformed by artist-blacksmith Rob Caperell into furniture and home accessories that embody movement and invite touch. Forging and forming allow Caperell to exploit the malleability of heated metal and to manipulate curve and volume, resulting in work that emphasizes surface texture and appears to have been created spontaneously.

The forging and forming tools and techniques of traditional blacksmiths are the cornerstone of Caperell's work. The distinctive joinery elements and surface textures that result from working by hand are integral to the character of each piece. A clear satin protective finish is applied to all surfaces.

Rob mines a lifetime of critical observing, interpreting, and doing in addition to formal training in graphic art, sculpture, and ceramics to emerge with work that fully represents his aesthetic. Skills specific to blacksmithing and metal work have been, and are still, learned from fellow craftsmen.

Swirl Candle Holders
Metal Candleholders

$ 390
Metal Candleholder

$ 330
Candleholder Pair
Metal Candleholders

$ 290
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Retail Show, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2013
Northern Virginia Fine Arts Show, Reston, VA, Reston Town Center, 2011