Robert Burch

"Years ago, I came upon a cabin with a roar coming from it and a strange glow in its windows. There was someone blowing glass. I was stunned. The magic, the sensuality, and the energy of that moving molten glass made me feel from that moment on that my purpose was to get as close to glass as I could. "

Robert Burch says that he does not know if he chose glass or if glass chose him. He has been blowing glass for more than 35 years and feels fortunate to work in a medium that he dearly loves. Most of the inspiration for his present work is based on designs that come from his natural surroundings. He tries to capture the inherent beauty of the molten glass.

One of the main techniques that Burch uses is allowing the different viscosities of the glass to interact, creating designs that are reminiscent of organic patterns and forms. He also uses techniques incorporating silver veiled glasses that are then layered in clear crystal surrounded by delicate bubble patterns.

Burch studied ceramics and glass with Phil Holmes at Goddard College in 1969 and 1970. He then went on to instruct in the adult degree program at Goddard. He is almost exclusively self taught and has discovered many of his own techniques, designs, and color formulas through experimentation, practice, and teaching others.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council, Winter Market, MD, Baltimore, 1976-2006
League of New Hampshire Craftsman, Annual Fair, NH, Newbury, 1997-2009
White House Collection, Washington, DC, 1999