Roberta Ann Busard

"I often begin in the abstract to see where an idea will take me, how it wants to shape itself. I ask how this idea or concept might present itself lyrically or poetically in a visual language. I like to work in series, which I believe lends so much room for an idea to grow, as I explore how a theme can open and develop, and much of this work is abstract, or dances with the abstract. I am also often delighted and filled with wonder at how a seemingly common or universal motif can be made and remade new through art."

Roberta Ann Busard is a painter and sculptor whose work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, as well as in China, Russia, Kuwait, and other countries. Her biography appears in Who's Who in American Art and Who's Who in American Women. She is most widely known for her abstract and abstract figurative paintings, and also, in recent years, for her ethereal sculptures.

Much of Busard's work is playful and lyrical, and, rather than imitating nature, these pieces respond mythically to nature and are creative inventions of the artist. Busard often works in themes such as abstract fish, mythic boats, hearts, and birds.