Roxy Lentz

"My jewelry is crafted from materials others thought had no value; my work is inspired by what others overlook. Man makes a street or a wall to control his environment, then life and elements slowly decompose his work and bring it back to nothing. In the interim, I see beauty."

Roxy's jewelry is wabi-sabi, brutalistic, rough, and lightweight—the designs are often irregular but balanced. She calls it Uncommon Jewelry for Independent Women.

Roxy uses a jeweler's saw to cut thrifted metal into small pieces and then uses a torch and a few chemicals to create a rich fire patina on the surface. When she is satisfied with the patina, she uses the saw to cut out the final piece and finishes with files and sandpaper. It is impossible to make the same patina twice.

Roxy is self-taught except for a few workshops and a two-week course at Alchimia in Florence, Italy. She developed the method she uses to transform silver plate trays into wearable art through trial and error and is still learning because the metal is so unpredictable.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
ARTE Y JOYA, Barcelona, Spain, 2022
Melting Point, Valencia, Spain, 2018
Battle of the Pins, Munich,Germany, 2023
Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado, 2022
Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado, 2021
St Louis Art Fair, St Louis, Missouri, 2021
St Louis Art Fair, St Louis, Missouri, 2021