Russell Jones

"I create unique pieces inspired by the natural forms of blossoms, berries, and weathered beach pebbles. Hand-selected stones from India, Sri Lanka, and South America are combined in unexpected and delightful compositions of size, color, and scale. The result is clean, modern jewelry that moves gracefully with the wearer's body. "

Russell Jones's design sensibility is fresh and modern but not sterile, with a very subtle nod to historical styles of jewelry. He prefers a spare approach so that the pieces are not overly decorative, as he likes the construction to be visible. The settings are part of the overall design. Elements like the prongs, bezels, and rivets become as important as the stones or metals used.

Jones's process and techniques are traditional in nature; he makes everything by hand in Brooklyn. All settings are formed from wire, which the artist prefers to build from scratch, usually starting with round wire. Cast pieces used in the making of my jewelry are sculpted in wax to make a unique master. In addition, Jones works with talented lapidarists who help him realize special stones for his pieces.

Jones has been making jewelry since he was a teenager. He learned fabrication and casting techniques at a young age from his high school art teacher (and still finds it kind of incredible that thirteen year olds were allowed to use torches). While Jones was earning his degree in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, he spent every free moment at the bench in the light metals department.