Stalin Tafura

SaToro Stalin Tafura

"Long before the process of casting a piece in bronze, I start with stone. If I try to impose my own artistic ideas on a piece of stone, disregarding what it inherently has to offer, I miss out on capturing its full potential. There is power that resides in each raw stone, and rather than competing with that, it's my job to channel that energy."

By carving stone from Zimbabwe and channeling the artistic knowledge of the generations that came before him, Stalin Tafura maintains a deep connection to his culture. He is inspired to create art that communicates the values and wisdom specific to his culture, while simultaneously conveying universal emotions and issues that resonate with people throughout the world.

Stalin Tafura sculpts stone using hand tools almost exclusively. Hammers, chisels, files, rasps, and wet sandpaper are used to achieve a variety of textures, which are often juxtaposed with the natural elements of the stone. Select stone pieces are cast in bronze.

Stalin Tafura was born into a famous sculpting family in Zimbabwe. He is the grandson of sculptor Claudio Nyanhongo, and the son of world-renowned sculptor Agnes Nyanhongo. His education as a sculptor began in early childhood as he observed the work of his grandfather, mother, and uncles and assisted in the finishing process of their pieces.

Dancing My Heart Out
Bronze Sculpture

$ 3,450
Bronze Sculpture

$ 5,450
Dance With Me
Bronze Sculpture

$ 1,750
Dance It Out
Bronze Sculpture

$ 1,750
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Sculpture in the Park, Benson Sculpture Park, Loveland, Colorado, 2011-2015
Hope Exhibition , Schloss Oranienstein, Diez, Germany, 2001
Mystery in Stone, Royal Horticultural Society Garden, Essex, UK, 2003
Chapungu Exhibition, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio, 2005
Chapungu Exhibition, Powell Gardens, Kingsville, Missouri, 2008
Chapungu Exhibition, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, Florida, 2012