Sara Meehan

"I try to capture a subtle quality in my work, a quality that is distinct and personal yet timeless."

Sara Meehan grew up amid the beauty of Vermont. Inspired by nature and the intricate designs found in old illuminated manuscripts, Meehan uses the ancient technique of sgraffito to combine her love of drawing with gracefully shaped porcelain pieces.

Each piece is either hand formed or wheel thrown from porcelain clay. After the clay has dried, she paints the clay with black slip and then uses fine metal tools to carve away the slip to create a drawing. Every piece is carved free-hand, making each one unique.

A self-taught painter, Meehan discovered the world of clay while studying Art and Aesthetics in Western Philosophy at Marlboro College. In 2004, she began working with ceramics artist Natalie Blake. In 2011, she designed her own line of ceramic art, accenting unusually shaped bowls and plates with dramatic yet delicate designs and drawings.

White Lilies
Ceramic Platter

$ 600
Autumn Crow
Ceramic Platter

$ 450
Gothic Roses
Ceramic Platter

$ 600
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT, 2011
Pinch Gallery, North Hampton, Mass, 2011- 2013
Vault Gallery, Springfield, VT, 20011-2013
Hunter and Lea Gallery, Powell, VT, 2011-2013